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    Cologne tailored for Men.

    Take our quiz and find your formula.



    Introduce yourself.

    Take our quick Quiz and tell us about your favourite scents, taste preference and personal lifestyle.


    We create your formula

    Sit back and let our algorithm tailor a formula specifically for you. If you aren't satisfied, we are happy to reformulate your scent.


    Be your true self.

    Enjoy free shipping on your fragrance for Day and Night. So you can be your true self at any time.

    Meet your Formula.

    We believe a fragrance is an extension of who you are and it should represent what you stand for. Our algorithm will tailor a formula that is perfect you. So you can make an impression that lasts.

    Tailored to You

    Our algorithm has been developed by data scientists and has been tested by hundreds of men.

    Sustainable & Cruelty Free

    We only use ethically sourced ingredients and minimise our impact to the environment where possible.

    Highest Quality

    Our scents are blended by master perfumers in the French town Grasse, the world's perfume capital.


    "I finally found a cologne that truly suits me"
    T. Hermans
    "The perfume smells amazing and lasts all day long"
    G. de Vos

    Fair Pricing

    All of our fragrances are shipped directly from the perfumer straight to your hands. By skipping the retailer, we save precious margin which we reinvest in a quality product. We invest up to 4 times as much on perfume ingredients compared to other luxury fragrance brands. This way, you receive a high concentration, Eau de Parfum, cologne that lasts all day, for a fair price. 

    Ready to be your true self?