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Our Story

We make the quality of Fine Fragrances from Grasse, France accessible to the everyday man. We do this by working directly together with our Master Perfumer and skipping middlemen like distributors and retailers. All you have to do is to take our online Quiz, and our algorithm will personalise your perfect fragrances for you.

Since early 2021, we also enable men to take better care of themselves with high quality, personalised, skin care products. Produced in the Netherlands and shipped directly to your hands.

So say goodbye to outworn department stores with tons of overpriced products. Welcome to 2021. 

Why we Started

Guys love to wear a nice fragrance. Unfortunately, buying one in a  retail store is a very unpleasant experience. The task involves choosing a scent out of the hundreds of available fragrances while a sales associate shoves as many sample strips under your nose as possible, hoping you like one of them. That's why you rather stick to the perfume you received as a gift or the one you bought when you were bored at the airport. But are you sure your first impression should be based on that?
We believe you deserve better than that. We believe a cologne is an extension of who you are and that it should represent what you stand for. And above all, finding the fragrance that is perfect for you should be a fast and convenient experience. That's why we committed ourselves to helping guys like you and us to finding a high quality fragrance that truly represents you as an individual.
Welcome to the House
Jeroen, Daniel & Florian 

| This is us working on our Fine Fragrances.