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How to apply Cologne. Properly.

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How to apply Cologne. Properly.

The way you smell is an invisible part of your style and can foster deeper emotional relations with people. Wearing the right cologne that is not to strong nor to light, will  help you leave the right overall impression of a well put-together man. Read this article carefully to learn how you get the best out of your cologne.

Where to Spray

Applying the perfume correctly is very simple. It should always be directly on the skin from 10-15 centimeters distance. To make optimal use of your fragrance, you should spray it on your "pulse points". On these locations of your body, you can feel your heart beat as the blood vessels are close to the skin. Here, your skin emits heath that help diffuse the perfume and make it the optimal spot to spray your fragrance. We recommend to just spray 2 pulse points: your wrists and neck. When spraying your wrist, you can dab (not rub!) with your other wrist. 

How much to Spray

When using an "Eau de Parfum" perfume, we recommend to spray it 2 or 3 times and to reapply it only once during the day. An "Eau de Toilette" may need more sprays to make it last all day long, but this heavily depends on your own judgement and the judgement of others.  

When to Spray

Your perfume works best when applying it directly on a clean skin after taking a shower. All bad body odours will be removed and previous fragrances will not be able to influence the scent of the perfume. A hot shower will open your pores, enabling the perfume oils to seep in, making it last longer. Finally, consider using a scentless moisturiser before applying the cologne to prevent your skin from absorbing it.

How to Store it

The way you store your cologne can affect the smell of the perfume and how long it lasts. Places like your bathroom expose the cologne to rapid changes in temperature that will make the perfume break down faster. Placing it in direct sunlight will have a similar harmful effect. Make sure to store your cologne in a cool, dry and dark place like your bedroom drawer if you want the quality to remain for a long time.

What not to do

  • Rub it with your wrists. The heath that is generated will dissolve the top notes and make the perfume break down faster.
  • Spray it on your clothing. Perfume is made to mix and interact with the natural oils on your skin which enable it to go through its different stages (notes).
  • Spraying a mist cloud. Just don't. Most of it will end up on the floor.