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The 15 rarest ingredients used in perfumery.

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The 15 rarest ingredients used in perfumery.

These are ingredients that you will not often encounter in a bottle of perfume. Because it is too expensive, or smells like a a gasstation or the mouthbrackets when you were eleven.

Incense Oil

A spicy yet warm and ambery woody top note smells like the inside of an old church building. This oil is extracted from the resin of bushes in the Middle East and looks like gold. 

Iso Butyl Quinolein

This is a very strong and concentrated ingredients that will remind you of the smell of gasoline. It is used as a leathery base note and gives a surprisingly natural scent. 

Myrrh Resinoid

It is extracted from trees in the Middle East and is one of the oldest ingredients used in perfumery. It is a very aromatic smell that goes well in an oriental perfume.

Violet Leaf

Although violet is a very common ingredient in perfumery, its leaf is not. It smells only a bit like violet, but more like cucumber and leaves. 

Suaderal LT

This reconstitutes the soft, smokey, leathery smell of suede.


The molecule that smells like tobacco, raisins and dry fruits. 

Oud Synthetic

A less strong version of the woods and animalistic Oud Wood from the Middle East.

Fir Balsem

Extracted from the needles of the pine tree and it gives a very aromatic and balsamic smell. 

Iris Absolute

Iris is a very common ingredient in perfumery, but the roots of the flower are not. The roots have to dry for 3 years in order to develop the distinctive smell of this iris root. 


A white flower smell like Jasmine or Gardenia, but a bit more spicy, aromatic and animalistic.

Aldehyde C9

The fresh and clean smell of metal. You love it or hate it. 


A very animalistic scent that is naturally present in white flowers. 

Birch Tar Rectified

The smell of burnt wood that should be used in extremely small proportions if you don't want to smell like a campfire.

Styrax Resinoid

The soft smell of the resin of a tree that is used as a balsamic base note.