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What it is:��A bundle of our��3 all-time bestselling DAY perfumes. Each has a unique character; Citrus , Spicy and Aquatic and is��perfect for daytime wear.��Our ""DAY"" perfumes�� ��are characterized by their relatively fresh��and airy��character and��top notes from the ""Citrus"" family.

Citrusy & Fresh: A refreshing fragrance from the "Citrus" fragrance family. The perfume opens with notes of Bergamot and Lavender that make you feel like you are in a sunny Italy. Over time, the elegant base note of Cedarwood dominates and leaves a classic masculine impression.

Fresh & Herbaceous: A vibrant and fresh spiced fragrance from the ""Foug��re"" fragrance family. The sparkling mix of fresh Herbs, Bergamot, Lavender and Oakmoss will remind you of freshly mowed hay or a damp forest.

Cool & Aquatic: A fresh and aquatic fragrance from the "Marine" fragrance family. This fragrance family is characterized by the ingredient Calone; the perfume icon of the 1990s. The refreshing notes of N��roli and Bergamote, combined with Calone, resemble a fresh and salty sea breeze.

Good to know:
  • Geurfamilie: Citrus, Fougère, Aquatic

  • Ingrediënten: €356 / Kg

  • Eau de Parfum

  • Grasse, France

3x 15mL
3x 50mL
3x 100mL
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Citrusy & Fresh
TOP: Black Pepper, Lavander, Bergamote
MID: Geranium, Pink Pepperpod
BASE: Ambroxan, Cedar Wood, Vetyver

Fresh & Herbaceous
TOP: Bergamote, Lavander
MID: Carnation, Geranium, Rose, Cinnamon
BASE: Oak Moss

Cool & Aquatic
TOP: Mandarine, Bergamote, Lime, Néroli
MID: Nut Meg, Coriander, Rosemary
BASE: Calone

How to use
Apply the perfume directly to the skin from 10-15 centimeters distance. Spray the side of your neck and your wrist once. Dab with your other wrist, don't rub. Keep it in a cool, dry and dark place.
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