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Meet the House

We started because it was not possible for the modern man to easily find the perfect perfume of the highest quality. We are simply done with impersonal shops, overcrowded shelves and low quality mass-produced products.

We do it differently

With our smart quiz we match your preferences to your perfect formula. Together with Meester Parfumeurs in France, we have developed perfumes and have been inspired by the best perfumes from the past. And because there is no middleman involved, we can invest 3 to 9x more in ingredients.

What we don't believe in

We don't believe in crowded shelves with hundreds of choices.

We don't believe in smelling random scent strips in hopes of finding something you like enough.

We don't believe in wearing perfume because others wear it too.

We don't believe in paying more for a perfume because celebrities are on a poster with it.

We don't believe in paying more for middlemen and expensive retail stores.

What we do believe in

We believe in a personalized offering of only the best choices for you.

We believe you should be able to try your products in your own environment.

We believe that everyone deserves their own personal formula.

We believe in paying more for the craftsmanship, passion and experience of a Master Perfumer.

We believe in paying more for an Eau de Parfum with a high concentration of perfume oil and the highest quality ingredients.