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Where do you apply perfume? And how much do you use?

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Where do you apply perfume? And how much do you use?

Where is the best place to apply a perfume? And how much perfume do you use? With these tips you will never be wrong again and you will get the best out of your scent.

Where do you apply Perfume?

A perfume should always be applied directly to the skin. Do this from a small distance, about 10 centimeters. Perfume needs heat to evaporate. Therefore, apply it to places where you can feel your heartbeat, the so-called "pulse points" where your skin is warm. We recommend applying 1 or 2 sprays to your neck and the inside of your wrist.

How much perfume do you use?

When using an "Eau de Parfum" we recommend using 2 to 5 sprays, depending on how strong the perfume is. It is normal for you to stop noticing the perfume yourself over time, while others around you can still smell it. Keep this in mind before reapplying perfume.

When do you use it?

Perfume works best if you apply it directly to clean skin, for example after a shower. All body odors have been removed and will not affect the scent of the perfume. A warm shower opens your pores, allowing the perfume oils to stay on the skin longer. Consider using an unscented moisturizing cream before applying the perfume for a longer-lasting effect.

How do you store perfume?

The way you store the perfume can affect the scent and the durability of the perfume. In places like your bathroom, the perfume is exposed to rapid temperature changes, which means it will break down faster. Placing it in direct sunlight will have a similar harmful effect. Make sure you keep the perfume in a cool, dry and dark place like your bedroom drawer; this benefits the quality.

You should definitely not do this.

  • Rubbing your wrists together after spraying. The heat generated will dissolve the top notes and allow the perfume to break down faster.
  • Apply perfume to your clothes. Perfume is made to blend with the natural oils on your skin that allow it to run through the different notes.
  • Spraying a cloud of mist and then walking through it. Only a fraction of the perfume will actually end up on your skin with this.

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